Our latest research report and how-to guides. Capture business benefits using adaptive, intelligent, connected energy productivity solutions. We partnered with Sustainability Victoria, Office of Environment & Heritage NSW, Climate-KIC and Clean Energy Finance Corporation.
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    State of Play – Energy productivity improvement in Australia has stalled. Find out how the Government is progressing on meeting the 34 measures in the NEPP in our Review of NEPP Progress Read More

    Innovation – The Next Wave Learn about our project to identify, demonstrate and implement innovation across the economy to achieve 2xEP by 2030 Read More

    Our sectoral roadmaps set out the action needed across the Australian economy to double energy productivity and increase competitiveness Read More
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Our mission 

2xEP aims to double Australia’s energy productivity by 2030 (from a 2010 baseline). The project is a collaborative process that plots a step change in national energy productivity - essential to boost general economic productivity, improve competitiveness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The program is led by a steering committee of leaders in business and research. It extends across the national economy and into key sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, mining, freight, passenger transport and the built environment.

2xEP is a project of the Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP)




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