In July of 2014 the Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE) commenced work on the Australian energy productivity roadmap with the support of individual businesses and their associations, governments and their agencies, thought leaders from academic institutions and the non-government sector. Our goal is to double energy productivity (2xEP) by 2030.
Improving energy productivity is about increasing the economic value added per dollar of energy spend. A holistic approach to energy productivity can make a significant contribution to Australia’s overall productivity and hence competitiveness.  
Energy productivity considers a range of strategies to both increase economic output and reduce the relative demand for energy per dollar output. It is not energy efficiency by another name. Traditional energy management, which generally focuses on using less energy to deliver the same service, is only one approach to enhance the returns from energy used.
This report introduces the rationale for making a significant improvement in the economic value created from the energy consumed in Australia, as well as the determinants of energy productivity. It demonstrates the multiple dividends from investing in energy productivity, provides an initial estimate of the scale of the step change in performance required to double energy productivity by 2030 and canvasses potential metrics and measures of change.