2xEP mission: Doubling Australia's energy productivity

2xEP aims to double Australia’s energy productivity by 2030 (from a 2010 baseline). The project is a collaborative process that will plot a step change in national energy productivity - essential to boost general economic productivity, improve competitiveness and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The program is led by a steering committee of leaders in business and research. It extends across the national economy and into key sectors: agriculture, manufacturing, mining, freight, passenger transport and the built environment.

Doubling the energy productivity of Australia’s built environment will require at least three key ingredients:

  • The joint leadership of governments and industry with other stakeholders, collaborating to craft and implement a winning strategy,
  • The technical strategies, designs, technologies and know-how to deliver more productive and energy efficient buildings cost effectively; and
  • The policy strategies that have a proven track record, in Australia and elsewhere, to deliver the market transformations required.


The 2xEP initiative includes the following areas of work and focus to achieve the 2030 goal:

  • Creational and implementation of sectoral roadmaps for improved energy productivity
  • Research and demonstration of innovations which can support energy productivity in different value chains
  • Working with federal, state and local governments to promote energy productivity