2xEP roadmaps: towards doubling Australia's energy productivity by 2030

A roadmap provides an excellent analogy for the long-term process of doubling energy. For any long and complex journey, we need to know:

  • where we are now, so that we don’t regress, or else overreach on the first steps;
  • where we need to get to, specifically in relation to where we are now; and
  • what are the best pathways to take us from where we are now to where we need to be.


2xEP has developed initial plans for the manufacturing, transport (passenger and freight), built environment, agriculture and mining sectors, and we have started a major program to systematically define the potential for major energy productivity improvements from innovation – new approaches and business models that result from combining a range of technologies.

The roadmaps for each of our sectors of focus can be viewed on the following pages:


We are currently developing an integrated plan for achieving 2xEP across the economy by bringing together sector plans and results from work on the potential for innovation to deliver energy productivity improvement in value chains.