Transforming energy use in manufacturing

Transforming energy use in manufacturing

Our latest research report and how-to guides. Capture business benefits using adaptive, intelligent, connected energy productivity solutions. We partnered with Sustainability Victoria, Office of Environment & Heritage NSW, Climate-KIC and Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

Report: Transforming energy productivity in manufacturing here

Guide for business: Implementing Industry 4.0: here

Guide for business: Replacing steam here

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Briefing: The energy productivity imperative

Wednesday 17 June
Old Parliament House, Canberra

Presentations given at the briefing are linked from the program below.


A2SE hosted a briefing on energy productivity, multi-factor productivity and competitiveness, bringing the perspectives of business to the potential for rapid improvement, the opportunities and the hurdles. The briefing demonstrated that doubling energy productivity by 2030 is an economic imperative and that it is achievable.

Economic productivity in many sectors of the Australian economy has been flat or declining in recent years. Energy costs consumers - business and domestic - more than $110 billion per year, about 8% of GDP. Improving energy productivity is key to improving multi-factor productivity.

Australia lags other developed economies in measures of both energy productivity and the rate of improvement. Energy ‘productivity’ considers not only energy ‘efficiency’ but also system optimisation and business transformation. Energy productivity looks to outputs - quality and quantity - not only to ‘savings’ or a reduction in consumption but also ways to improve the value of output created from energy use.

The 2xEP program is working with industry, governments and research partners towards a Roadmap for doubling energy productivity by 2030. A commitment to 2xEP would lead to investment of $100 billion over 15 years, a 2.8% increase in real GDP, a $30 billion reduction in energy spend in 2030, a 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

This half-day program was directed to policy makers, industry associations, research partners and energy users. It outlined local and international developments in energy productivity policy and practice, provided an update on development of the 2xEP Roadmap, and explored how it might best inform development of the national energy productivity plan.

Australian Alliance to Save Energy (A2SE)
Doubling Australia's Energy Productivity (2xEP) by 2030

Briefing: Wednesday 17 June 2015
Old Parliament House, Canberra 

13:00 Registration, refreshments
13:30 Welcome and introduction to the Roadmap program
Jonathan Jutsen, Chairman, Australian Alliance to Save Energy
(presentation here)
13:45 Drivers for policy action - the Energy White Paper and beyond
Helen Bennett, General Manager, Energy Productivity Branch, Department of Industry & Science
(presentation here)
14:00 Panel of sector specialists: Manufacturing, mining, agriculture, transport
Terry O’Brien, Managing Director, Simplot
Glen Corder, Principal Research Fellow, Sustainable Minerals Institute
(presentation here)
David Eyre, General Manager, Research & Development, NSW Farmers
(presentation here)
Peter Haenke, Senior Manager, Group Sustainability & Environment, NRMA
(presentation here)
15:00 Break, refreshments
15:30 Energy productivity in action - West Gippsland Healthcare Group
Stuart Macfarlane, National Solution Segment Manager, Schneider Electric
(presentation here)
International perspectives - Energy productivity and a multinational Jason Twill, Head of Sustainability, Lend Lease
(presentation here)
16.30 It’s the economy: Productivity and competitiveness
Bryan Clark, Director Trade & International Affairs, ACCI
(presentation here)
16:45 Wrap-up
17:00 Close

Please direct any queries to Tony Westmore at A2SE email: phone: 0419 256 339

Australian Energy Productivity Roadmap

Stakeholder Briefing
Thursday 18 September 2014

A2SE hosted an initial stakeholder briefing about the Roadmap project in Sydney in mid-September. We brought together about 80 guests from research and community organisations, industry and government. The aims were to refresh interest in the project, garner support for the work program and introduce the ‘foundations’ paper, an overview of concepts behind energy productivity. The gathering also presented an opportunity for the Head of the Energy White Paper Task Force to provide an update on progress.

A2SE gratefully acknowledges generous support for work in train provided by:

Commonwealth Department of Industry
NSW Office of Environment & Heritage
Clean Energy Finance Corporation
Institute for Sustainable Futures at University of Technology, Sydney


Mr Jonathan Jutsen (presentation here)
Australian Alliance to Save Energy

Ms Margaret Sewell (presentation here)
Head of Energy White Paper Task Force
Department of Industry

Mr John Osborn
Chief Operating Officer
Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Hon Rob Stokes MP
Minister for the Environment
New South Wales

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These videos are made available through the support of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage  

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