2xEP – Industry-led stakeholder engagement

A working group oversees each sector covered by the 2xEP program. Working groups cover: agriculture, built environment, manufacturing, mining, passenger transport and freight transport. Additionally there are three cross-sector working groups in the areas of financing, metrics and innovation. working group drawn from business, government and the academic and non-government sectors has collaborated to develop the roadmap for the above industry sector to double energy productivity by 2030. If you're interested in this working group, please contact a2ep@a2ep.org.au.

Working groups lead preparation of a 2xEP roadmap for each sector, contribute ideas and information, facilitate engagement with stakeholders. The cross-sector groups tackle issues and responses that are common to sectors, link sectors or are economy-wide. We recognise that sectors aren’t isolated from each other in practice (eg agriculture > manufacturing > freight transport) and aim to address intersections and relationships. Most approaches to improving energy productivity fall into three broad types:

•    independent action and leadership by business;
•    measures undertaken by governments (federal, state, local, jointly); and
•    measures best delivered through partnership between business and government.

In framing the 2xEP Roadmap and action towards doubling energy productivity by 2030, we’re thinking along those lines.