2xEP – Industry-led stakeholder engagement

A working group oversees each sector covered by the 2xEP program. Working groups cover: agriculture, built environment, manufacturing, mining, passenger transport and freight transport. Additionally there are three cross-sector working groups in the areas of financing, metrics and innovation. Members of the working group for the INNOVATION sector are listed below. If you’re interested to participate, please email info@A2EP.org.au.

Working groups lead preparation of a 2xEP roadmap for each sector, contribute ideas and information, facilitate engagement with stakeholders. The cross-sector groups tackle issues and responses that are common to sectors, link sectors or are economy-wide. We recognise that sectors aren’t isolated from each other in practice (eg agriculture > manufacturing > freight transport) and aim to address intersections and relationships. Most approaches to improving energy productivity fall into three broad types:

•    independent action and leadership by business;
•    measures undertaken by governments (federal, state, local, jointly); and
•    measures best delivered through partnership between business and government.

In framing the 2xEP Roadmap and action towards doubling energy productivity by 2030, we’re thinking along those lines.

2xEP Next Wave - Project team
Jonathan Jutsen, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity
Liz Hutton,Liz Hutton & Associates
Alan Pears, Consultant
Andrew Lamble, Envizi Group
Michael Smith, Australian National University

2xEP - Innovation Working Group
Travis Hughes, AGL Energy
Tim Edwards, Australian Refrigeration Association
Tony Cooper, Energetics
Peter Hormann, University of Melbourne
James Deverell, CSIRO
James Robinson, Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW
David Malicki, Office of Environment and Heritage, NSW
Fiona Quinn, Department of Industry, NSW
Kylie Hargraves, Department of Industry, NSW
Jason Scattolin, Department of Industry, NSW
Nichol Slaven, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria
Stefan Preuss, Sustainability Victoria
Gayle Leaver, Department of Energy and Water Supply, Queensland
David Eyre, NSW Farmers
Mark Gjerek, Move3ment
Jonathan Wood, Crown Resorts
Stephen White, CSIRO
Adam Bumpus, University of Melbourne
Tom Quinn, Future Business Council
Paul Baker, ClimateWorks Australia
Wei Sue, ClimateWorks Australia
Tom Yankos, ClimateWorks Australia
Peter Stasinopoulos, RMIT University
Alan Broadfoot, University of Newcastle
Deo Prasad, Uni NSW, Low Carbon Living CRC
Louise Vickery, ARENA
Dominic Zaal, ARENA
Danny De Schutter, ARENA
Luke Menzel, Energy Efficiency Council
Brian Morris, Schneider Electric
Azheem Haseeb, Siemens
Roderick Glass, Systems Agriculture
Chris Dunstan, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS
Stuart White, Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS
Kane Thornton, Clean Energy Council
Allan Aaron, Technology Venture Partners
Chris McLean, Energetics
Evan Beaver, Tesla Motors Australia
Lesley Dowling, Department of Environment & Energy
Chris Greig, University of Queensland
Gordon Weiss, Energetics
Angus Crossan, Food Innovation Australia