The Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity (A2EP) comprises some of Australia's - and the world's - leading thinkers on energy productivity. Together with these experts and a number of outstanding research organisations, we have developed a number of important reports which are available for download below.


2xEP State of play (PDF, 6MB)



Innovation - The Next Wave


2xEP The next wave report (PDF, 5MB)


2xEP in the food value chain (PDF, 1.5MB)


2xEP: Optimising the food cold chain (PDF,1.5MB)


2xEP: high temperature heat pumps in the food industry (PDF, 6MB)


2xEP: Innovation in the shelter value chain (PDF, 1.5MB)




2xEP Sectoral Roadmaps


2xEP Built Environment Roadmap (PDF, 2MB)



2xEP Built Environment Roadmap Summary (PDF, 2MB)



2xEP Agriculture Roadmap (PDF, 2.5MB)



2xEP Mining Roadmap (PDF, 2.5MB)



2xEP Transport (Freight) Roadmap (PDF, 2.5MB)



2xEP Transport (Passenger) (PDF, 2.5MB)



2xEP Manufacturing Roadmap (PDF)