The 2xEP Roadmap will detail a national, economy-wide approach to doubling energy productivity by 2030. We will also develop Roadmaps for particular sectors of the economy. Some of the opportunities, challenges and solutions are universal; some are particular to individual industries. The 2xEP program can’t delve to a level of great detail but we will explore sector-specific issues.

For each key sector of the economy we have developed an overview that sets out the case for improving energy productivity, sector-specific background and historical data, opportunities for improving energy productivity, barriers and measures to overcome those barriers. These overviews are only a starting point. They are drafts for consultation. They bring together information that is readily available, our research and analysis, some initial stakeholder input. We hope that stakeholders will bring their knowledge and expertise to improve and extend this work. Through a process of consultation and engagement these overviews will be morphed into sector Roadmaps.

Each Roadmap will set out a voluntary target for energy productivity improvement; targets will likely vary between sectors. The sector Roadmaps will be aggregated into the economy-wide story with an economy-wide target.

The 2xEP program currently extends to these sectors: mining, manufacturing, agriculture, passenger transport, built environment. Depending on the availability of resources we aim to extend the work to include freight transport and infrastructure (with a focus on water).