Manufacturing - 2xEP by 2030 roadmap

Energy is an essential input to all manufacturing, typically accounting for 5% of variable operating costs and up to 20%+ in energy-intensive industries. When margins are under pressure, energy spend can have a direct bearing on the viability of a business.

Doubling energy productivity in Australia is not just an aspirational or stretch target; rather it is a necessary objective for manufacturers to remain competitive in a global market. While  doubling energy productivity may sound ambitious, practical experience of consultants working with manufacturers indicates that energy use reductions of 25% or more are possible in many industries (A2SE, 2014). It is not all about new technology. Up to 50% savings are possible with smarter use of existing technology.

working group drawn from business, government and the academic and non-government sectors has collaborated to develop the roadmap for the Manufacturing industry to double energy productivity by 2030. If you're interested in this working group, please contact [email protected].

Read the 2xEP Manufacturing Roadmap (PDF, 2MB)

Modern production facilities at Laucke Mills’ Bridgewater site (Australian Food & Grocery Council)