2xEP – Industry-led stakeholder engagement

A working group oversees each sector covered by the 2xEP program. Each is led by a member of the 2xEP Steering Committee and supported by a member of the A2SE team. Working groups cover: agriculture, built environment, manufacturing, mining, passenger transport and freight transport. Additionally there are three cross-sector working groups in the areas of financing; technology and research (including renewable energy); and communications and advocacy.

Members of the working group for the MINING sector are listed below. If you’re interested to participate, please email 2xEP@A2SE.org.au.

Working groups facilitate engagement with stakeholders and lead preparation of a 2xEP Roadmap and in each sector. The overview prepared for each sector should be helpful in detailing opportunities, impediments and solutions… and informing conversations. Most approaches to improving energy productivity fall into three broad types:

  • independent action and leadership by business;
  • measures undertaken by governments (federal, state, local, jointly); and
  • measures best delivered through partnership between business and government.

In framing the 2xEP Roadmap and action towards doubling energy productivity by 2030, we’re thinking along those lines. The cross-sector groups tackle issues and responses that are common to sectors, link sectors or are economy-wide. We recognise that sectors aren’t isolated from each other in practice (eg agriculture > manufacturing > freight transport) and aim to address intersections and relationships.


Sid Marris, Director, Environment and Climate Change, Minerals Council of Australia
Kane Moyle, Manager – Environment & Land Access, Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia
Mary Stewart, General Manager Consulting and Executive Director, Energetics and Director, CEEC International
Diana Drinkwater, A/g Executive Officer, CEEC International
Nazra Hameed, Senior Policy Officer, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science (Observer)
Jonathan Jutsen, Chairman, Australian Alliance for Energy Productivity
Anita Stadler, Principal Consultant, Energetics
Liz Hutton, Principal, Liz Hutton & Associates
Andrew Barger, Director Economic and Infrastructure Policy, Queensland Resources Council
Shohini Parker, Carbon and Energy Management Consultant