Freight transport - 2xEP by 2030

Freight is a fundamental input and enabler of economic activity in all other sectors. While it currently uses only around one-third of all transport energy today, its energy demand is growing faster than other end uses, and within a few decades it will be the dominant segment in energy terms.

However, transport faces unprecedented changes in the next fifteen years. The speed and extent of these are not yet fully understood because they could proceed down several divergent paths. The purpose of this roadmap is therefore not to define a path that will ultimately be decided by technology and the market. Instead, it explains the extent of improvements possible via known technologies; it highlights the rocky road expected from various levels of disruption that will hit the sector; and it identifies measures that could help smooth the transition to a much more energy-productive freight sector.

The 2xEP Freight Transport Working Group [link to working groups] has collaborated to develop a road map for the freight transport industry to achieve double energy productivity by 2030.

Read the 2xEP Freight Transport Roadmap (PDF, 2MB)