Passenger transport - 2xEP by 2030

Passenger transport supports and underpins Australia’s economic prosperity by connecting people, businesses and cities. By providing access to markets, employment, recreation and services, it facilitates economic exchanges. Passenger transport is an essential service.

An energy productive domestic passenger transport system would underpin economic prosperity by providing high-quality mobility services, at lower costs, and with greater access, while utilising resources more efficiently and reducing negative environmental impacts (e.g. air pollution, greenhouse emissions and land use). Achieving this goal will require a broad range of measures spanning technology, regulation, planning and consumer behaviour.

Vehicle-to-vehicle communications
(Graphic reproduced from Nguyen, 2014)

working group drawn from business, government and the academic and non-government sectors has collaborated to develop the roadmap for the Passenger Transport industry to double energy productivity by 2030. If you're interested in this working group, please contact [email protected].

Read the 2xEP Passenger Transport Roadmap (PDF, 2MB)