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Energy Productivity Summit 2017
04-05 April 2017 - Sydney



Australia’s (unnecessary) energy crisis

In early 2014 we launched the 2xEP program with a two-day Forum that introduced the energy productivity model. We proposed to double energy productivity in Australia by 2030. In early 2017 we presented the 2xEP Summit. We aimed to recap our work over the last few years, demonstrate the case for energy productivity and map the road to implementation and 2xEP by 2030. The program covered four key themes:

  • leadership - business and government, global and local;
  • innovation - the next wave, with a focus on value chains;
  • integration - efficiency + renewables + intelligence = productivity;
  • implementation - doubling energy productivity.

Who participated?

We registered about 200 participants for the Summit: roughly one third each private sector, government agencies and ‘other’ including industry associations, research institutes, academics and students, and non-government organisations. There was strong representation from energy efficiency, demand management and distributed energy practitioners, as well as stakeholders and representatives from end users,energy businesses,regulatory bodiesand media.

Benefits and outcomes of the conference included that it:

  • introduced a varied audience to a wide range of ideas including leading edge innovation;
  • further developed understanding of energy productivity concepts and practice;
  • promoted the work of A2EP and the 2xEP program including a forward agenda;
  • acknowledged the contributions of collaborators, contributors and funders;
  • facilitated connections and networks between participants;
  • introduced providers of products and services to potential consumers;
  • created business opportunities including prospects for commercialisation of ideas;
  • brought ideas and information from overseas via formal presentations and informal exchange;
  • promoted supply side issues generally at a time of intense interest in energy policy; and
  • broadcast information and ideas about energy productivity to a wide general public audience.

At the time of the 2xEP Summit there was much talk and text about Australia’s energy crisis. The conference was timely. And in some detail reiterated that energy productivity improvement can quickly address:

  • the electricity supply ‘crisis’;
  • the impending gas supply shortage and impacts on electricity generation;
  • escalating energy prices, affordability for consumers, competitiveness for business; and
  • the need to meet our carbon emission targets with economic efficiency.

Our Prime Minister, The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP declared that “We are facing an energy crisis in Australia...”. He also said “what you need to do is deliver an outcome. What Australians want is a result. They want energy security, energy that is affordable, and we need to meet what we agreed to in Paris”. *

Dr Alan Finkel, Chief Scientist and Chair of the Expert Panel leading the Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market, wrote that we need to “…find solutions to address the so-called energy trilemma – policies that simultaneously provide a high level of energy security and reliability, universal access to affordable energy services, and reduced emissions. This is easier said than done. There is a tension between these three objectives. **

* As reported in The Sydney Morning Herald, March 09 2017 here

** In the Preliminary Report of the Independent Review published December 14 2016 here



Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney:

Image: Photo by Ken Butti/GroundControl. Reproduced with permission of ANMM


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