The next step in boosting business productivity

The 2xEP Challenge is a project of the 2xEP program. We’re aiming to double Australia’s energy productivity by 2030. That won't happen unless we interest individual businesses (and other organisations, government and non-government) in the idea and prove the benefits. The Challenge will offer support to participating organisations and recognition for commitment and success. We are currently in the design phase of the work. We’re aiming to run a pilot commencing early next year.

The planned 2xEP Challenge will provide a high level of public recognition and support for organisations that voluntarily commit to doubling their energy productivity by 2030 - enabling them to get twice the value for each dollar of energy they use.

Benefits of taking part in the Challenge – which is expected to be a key part of the National Energy Productivity Plan (see below) – include:

  • High profile promotional and networking opportunities
  • Priority access to support – including tailored assistance based on your needs
  • Expert services to identify key energy opportunities at your organisation
  • A dedicated account manager to support your organisation in achieving its goals

Please drop a line if you have any questions, by email to or phone 0419 256 339.

National Energy Productivity Plan (NEPP) - COAG Energy Council
Measure #7: Recognise business leadership and support voluntary action in business

"Business-led voluntary action can boost economic productivity, national competitiveness and employment opportunities. Government will work co-operatively with the business community on options to support energy productivity improvements."

You’ll find more about the NEPP here.